If you have website or do most of your business online, one thing is for sure, you need traffic so as to make money. Otherwise, all that hard work would be futile if nobody ever clicks o your website and gets to see your work. The most effective way of getting traffic is by back linking (getting web addresses) and it is a service provided by most websites at a fee.

The other way of getting traffic to your website is by commenting on other people’s blogs or websites then automatically leaving a link to your own website. This can be a particularly time consuming option and may not bring desired results. Others have tried back linking manually but it usually ends up being a boring, tedious and long process.

Imagine having different categories of websites and needing to submit them to different search engines for promotional purposes. Naturally, you will be required to submit them one by one and this can take ages! This is where the traffic launch pad comes to your rescue as it is a free software that you install in your computer and it instantly gets you back links to your websites. It allows you to instantly promote your website to thousands of search engines thus bringing traffic to your own website. It also saves up on time since one does not have to submit the websites manually to different search engines since the software in traffic launch does that for you.

The traffic launch software has a built it scheduler that allows it to sift the websites according to different categories, link popularity to checker to allow you to see just how popular your website is and of course the back links to the visitors of your websites. All one is required to do is to enter the website URL along with a non-conspicuous keyword and click ‘enter’. Immediately you are provided with over 150 quality back links that will serve to create good traffic for your own website.

Traffic launch ranks higher in providing quality back links as compared to other software that are available. The first reason is because it provides you with good quality back links that will guarantee you instant traffic to your website. It is also fully automated and all one needs to do is click ‘start’ and you are good to go. One does not even need to sit around and watch it as it works. Another reason why the traffic launch ranks high is because it is so easy to use s all you need to do is power up the software, enter you sites and proceed.

However, some small concerns have been raised about the software e.g. the software does not reveal the name of the websites that are provided by the back links while some websites can be harboring viruses that can cause harmful to your own website or desk top. The cons are on the other hand not as common.

So if you have a website and you are need of instant marketing, try the traffic launch pad and enjoy instant traffic to your websites. It’s a plus that the software is free and will help you make money.