A launch review refers to an objective analysis of a new or revamped product or service release to the market and capturing subsequent random reactions of a target market sample. A launch review is a very important market analysis tool that if well utilized will help an organization have a feel of the target market pulse and thus make measured tactical moves; with regard to its product or service.

How to do a launch review

One of the key tenets of a good launch reviewer is objectivity. The reviewer must make all attempts to remove any mental bias or pre-conceived ideas that he may have over a product or service. This is crucial as an objective assessment is what differentiates launch reviews from other critiques. A launch review should provide the reviewer with an actual opportunity to test the service or product; and also avail it to other third party members to do the same.

Good launch reviews take a lot of effort and time. It is of utmost importance then for the reviewer to adequately prepare for the activity. A lot of preparation has to be done to ensure enough time is allotted to the actual testing or use of the product or service, appropriate questions need to have been prepared beforehand and revised several times to ensure that only appropriate and useful questions are posed. Areas to be tested also need to have been noted beforehand; qualified individuals to respond to questions also need to be availed. This will save a lot of time and ensure all key areas are thoroughly reviewed.

If third party views will be sought in the launch review exercise then it is crucial that the sample be identified and an appropriate questionnaire or set of verbal questions prepared. This ensures uniformity of questions across the board; this is especially so if there are several launch reviews for the same product being done concurrently. It is also important to record all interviews or keep all answered questionnaires for future reference in case some need to do so may arise later.

After launch reviews; what next?

Once a review has been done it is important to have a team study the various reviews thoroughly. Launch reviews whether positive or negative are just footnotes to the whole product or service launch; unless they are acted upon. There must be that organizational will to keenly study the report and take into account the findings that may come from the review. This is a very critical aspect of launch reviews that needs full management support especially in instances where the launch review was negative and critical.

If the review was sanctioned internally by the organization it is important to then document the whole process and note areas that need improvement in the entire process. This will assist future launch reviews teams ensure that the process is constantly improved. In general launch reviews are a critical aspect of product and service development and thus should be accorded all the necessary support by the organization or individual seeking to know what the market thinks about its product or services.